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Custom Design

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Welcome to the workshop of Jack's Jewelers!

As craftsman ourselves for over 40 years, we have created many beautiful and distinctive

custom jewelry pieces to many of our dear customers since the start of our retail jewelry business

and prior to that, which is what inspired us to open the doors of Jack’s Jewelers.


We look forward to collaborate with you in custom designing that special piece that you have

imagined whether it be an engagement ring, which is our specialty, a completely new piece of

jewelry or redesigning a pre-owned jewelry. We work with platinum, 14k, 18k, 21k white,

yellow and rose gold, and silver metals.


You can bring your ideas or any image that has inspired you to start the process of creating the

piece, or we can help you with our ideas to design the jewelry piece. We will then present you a

3D CAD image of the piece to look over and let us know to move forward. This will be the time to

make any changes that you feel necessary to do so.


After the final approval of the CAD image, we will show you the wax model before it is cast into the

metal of your choice.


The final process will be setting of the stones which is done personally by Jack himself, and giving

it the final check in all the details of the metal and the stones before polishing and bringing the

masterpiece to its brilliance!


Your custom made jewelry will be a treasure that you will cherish!!

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